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Baseball Card Grading Submission with SGC: I am in a couple of Facebook groups for baseball card collectors. A member of one of these groups offered bulk submission for SGC. I have participated in a couple of submissions already and I have been extremely happy. I am still amazed by how the card industry has changed since my Dad got me started over 35 years ago. There are several professional graders, PSA, BGS, and SGC. I have submitted to all three of them and hands down, I believe SGC is the best. My third SGC grading submission went very well! 

Baseball Card Grading Submission with SGC

Each of my SGC submissions has focused on different players. I am submitting popular rookies from 2018-2020 graded. I look at this as an investment in the future of baseball. My first submission was my Ronald Acuna, Ohtani, and Juan Soto Rookies. My Second submission was my Anthony Rizzo (I’m a Cubs fan, I know he is not a rookie), Peter Alonso, Fernando Tatis Jr rookie collection, while my third submission includes Gleyber Torres, Vladimir Guerreo Jr, and Eloy Jimenez rookie collection. When I got my Vlad Jrs back, I was happy to see I got a 10 and 9.5 grades on the very popular Topps No Number variation/error card!

Baseball Card Grading Submission with SGC offers online submission form, and fast turnaround times. The turnaround time with my bulk submission group is 20 business days. Twenty DAYS! SGC is so much faster than their competitors.  I believe my third submission came back sooner than 20 days. The black slabs are so darn sharp. Take a look below and look for yourself. Will I be doing more submissions, definitely! I am sold on SGC, and you should be too!

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SGC Card Grading Submission
SGC Card Grading Submission

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