Ball Cards, Stock Market, and Gambling.

Ball Cards, Stocks, and Gambling

Ball Cards, Stock Market and Gambling all have similar aspects. I have been collecting ball cards for several years and have documented my adventures in ball card collecting on my blog Beta Sports Cards. I also jumped into the buying and selling of ball cards on my eBay store, BETA Sports Cards. My eBay page is also highlighted on my blog.  As I’ve been collecting, buying, and selling cards, I have come to realize what a gamble ball card collecting can be. 


During my buying, selling, and collecting ball cards, I also recently found an interest in the stock market. I fully admit the Reddit’s Wallstreetbets forum that launched the Gamestop frenzy completely got my attention. Some people made a ton of money, some lost a ton of money. Buying stocks at a low price, watching them skyrocket on apps like Robinhood is exciting, especially if you’re the one that bought low! However, buying stocks and watching them plummet can be a real kick in the pants! Buying the right stock is another example of a gamble. 

Ball Cards

Buying a player’s ball card before he makes it to the big leagues (buying low) can be a good or bad gamble. However, let’s say that player makes it to the big leagues and gets injured or goes for 0-25 in the big leagues, you can guarantee that any value the card will plummet. On the other hand, hitting a home run in his first big league at-bat, making the all-star team, winning a world series can make his rookie card skyrocket. 

Ball cards and the stock market are very similar. Their values are tracked using Beckett Magazine, or eBay sold listings. The Stock Market is tracked by using your typical news outlets, or stock trading apps. For example, I use Robinhood. There are other Stock Market trading apps, but I found Webull as the best. It has so much more information available; with more analysis, and a social media aspect you can comment about the stock you’re interested in. I have tried other stock trading apps, but none of them compared to Robinhood.

If you use my Robinhood referral, we both get free stocks!  


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