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Welcome to BETA Sports Cards. This is your source for your hobby needs. From supplies to star athletes from yesterday and today. I am adding items for sale every day. Looking for your favorite player for your personal collection and don’t see it here? Reach out to us via email or social media, I have a personal collection too!

A little about me… I’m a Dad of two daughters, and I’m lucky to be married to my bride for 19 years. I’m my wife’s 3rd kid; I love 70 and 80s music and I’m a techie that’s always looking for a good deal. I love the Cubs and playing golf. BETA Sports Cards is my attempt to find what I collect and sell what I don’t. Have a look around and make sure to follow us on social media.

About BETA Sports Cards – Personal Collection

You may be asking, what is in my Personal Collection? Back in 1987, my Dad gave me a box of 1987 Topps. Basically, that started the fire, that’s when I started collecting. However, I stopped in the late 90s when I went to college. As a result, most of my collection is from the “Junk Era”. I started collecting again in 2018 and I was amazed by how much had changed in the hobby… Honestly, my collection is kind of all over the place. If I had to highlight my collection, I could say my PC consists of Chicago Cubs, Michael Jordan, Andre Dawson, and Golf Cards.

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