About me and BETA Sports Cards

I’m a Dad of two daughters, and I’m lucky to be married to my bride for 15 years. I’m my wife’s 3rd kid; I love 70 and 80s music and I’m a techie that’s always looking for a good deal. I recently started collecting ball cards again, and I love the Cubs.

I started collecting back in 1987 when my Dad bought me a box of 87 Topps. My collection grew over time then I stopped in the late 90s. So most of my collection is from the “Junk Era”. I started collecting again in 2018. I was amazed by how much had changed in the hobby…

BETA Sports Cards is my attempt to find what I collect and sell what I don’t. Have a look around and make sure to follow us on social media.

What’s with all the links? They are affiliate links. That’s your warning.