HH Size 1 Semi Rigid Card Holders




HH Size 1 Semi Rigid Card Holders. Humongous Hoard’s Size 1 Semi Rigid Card Holders are the best way to protect your precious sports trading cards, collectible game cards, and other valuable card assets.  These easy-to-load high-quality Size 1 semi-rigid holders will protect your collections from dust, dirt, and oils. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit all your collectible cards.

These HH Size 1 Semi Rigid Card Holders fit sports and trading cards that are 2 ⅝ x 3 ¾ (from 1952 to present). There is ½ inch of space for easy insertion and removal. These are perfect for cards that are being transported to shows or in the mail in bulk.

HH Size 1 Semi Rigid Card Holder Tip:
Prop it open with your fingers, pinch the card between your thumb and index finger and slide it down easily and keep it as centered in the card saver as possible. Carefully push it in from the top the remainder of the way. Additionally, always use penny sleeves because it will help them slide in easier. Additionally, penny sleeves keep the surfaces from getting damaged when sliding.

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