HH Premium Top Loaders Case




HH Premium Top Loaders 3 x 4 35 Point – Bulk Case (1000) 40 Packs of 25 –

HH Premium Top Loaders 3 x 4 Case by Humongous Hoard. Humongous Hoard Premium Top Loaders are the best way to protect your precious sports trading cards, collectible game cards, and other valuable card assets. These premium, high-quality rigid holders will protect your collection from dust, dirt, and oils. This top loader is crystal clear on both sides for cards that need to display the front and back.

These Premium Top Loaders fit standard trading cards that are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. This top loader are almost entirely rigid and perfect for cards that need heavier protection against scratches. These top loaders are often used in conjunction with our standard soft sleeves. Holds up to 35 points of thickness.

What will you get? You will get a case (1000) 40 packs of 25, 3×4 premium toploaders standard/35pt.

In terms of using toploaders, some of the decision comes down to personal preference, the end goal, and available alternatives. Some prefer to only topload cards of a certain value, while others will top load everything (and still others who might not ever put cards into a toploader and would rather instead rely on binders and albums, or semi-rigid card savers.

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