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For those people that are new to the ball card hobby, some of the hobby lingo or acronyms used can be confusing. Card collectors use a lot of acronyms when describing their collection or what they are selling. Here is a list of some of the most common acronyms and hobby lingo used in our hobby. Full disclosure, as I surf around social media, and the internet, if I see some lingo that I am not familiar with, I will copy it and add it to this list… so, yes I may have copied and pasted some of these from other sources and websites… So, if your definition looks familiar… Thanks! 🙂

If you know of some lingo or acronyms, add them in the comments and I will add them to this list!

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Hobby Lingo and Acronyms

ACEO â€“ Art Card, Editions & Originals. In our hobby, some people make their own cards… when you see this, they are called ACEO cards. 
B/S/T â€“ Buy/Sell/Trade
BGS â€“ Beckett Grading Services, one of the more popular card grading companies
BIN â€“ Buy It Now
BMWT â€“ Bubble Mailer with Tracking
DP â€“ Draft Pick
ERR â€“ Error Card
ESE â€“ eBay Standard Envelope
F&F â€“ Friends & Family, payment method via Paypal. Use F&F or also sometimes seen as FF at your own risk.
FS â€“ For Sale
FT â€“ For Trade
G&S â€“ Goods & Services, a payment method via Paypal with purchase protection
HOF â€“ Hall of Fame
ISO â€“ In Search Of
LCS â€“ Local card store/shop
NNO â€“ No Number
NNOF â€“ No Name On Front
OBO â€“ Or Best Offer
OC â€“ Off Center
PC â€“ Personal Collection
POP â€“ Population,  How many cards exist with the same grade from the same grading company.
PSA â€“ Professional Sports Authenticator. The most popular grading company.
PWE â€“ Plain White Envelope
QTY â€“ Quantity
RC â€“ Rookie Card
RP â€“ Reprint
RPA â€“ Rookie Patch Autograph card
SP â€“ Short Print
SSP â€“ Super Short Print
TTM â€“ Through The Mail: referring to autograph requests from current or former players that you get through the mail.
TV – Trade Value
UER â€“ Uncorrected Error Card.
USP â€“ Ultra Short Print, the new designation for SSSP from Topps
WTB â€“ Want To Buy

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